Facilities Improvement Purchases

August 2007
Chapter 3

Section: 3:060

Facilities Improvement Purchases

Campus departments are prohibited from directly purchasing construction materials that will be used to improve physical facilities. All construction, renovation or rehabilitation efforts must comply with all applicable laws, building codes, standards, regulations and labor agreements and shall be coordinated by Campus Facilities.

Standards specifications for blinds, drapes, carpet, floor coverings, and wall coverings have been developed by Campus Facilities and MU Procurement Services to ensure products meet institutional standards of quality, durability, maintainability, and compliance with life safety requirements.

Under the following defined conditions, and using, where applicable, standard specifications, campus departments are permitted to purchase the following minor items related to a facilities improvement effort. This section details the purchases handled by each department and the procedures required for processing these purchases.

Requests for waivers to this policy shall be directed to Campus Facilities.

Campus Facilities

MU Procurement Services

Blinds & Drapes As part of a construction project or if requested by the department. All purchases and installations when requested by dept.
Cabinetry & Casework All purchases requiring installation and/or connection to the facility. All uninstalled or free standing units.
Systems Furniture, Moveable Partitions & Related Components All purchases requiring electrical, coax or telephone wiring. Minor installations if no wiring is required (other than pre-wired outlets).
Shelving All purchases requiring installation. All uninstalled or single, free standing units.
Floor Coverings, Wall Coverings As part of a construction project or when the department desires assistance in selection and/or installation. All purchases and installations when requested by department.
Furniture & Upholstery All purchases when the department desires assistance in selection and/or installation. All purchases & installations when requested by the dept.
Painting Materials and installation services for classrooms, corridors, restrooms, teaching labs and other public areas or when construction oversight services are desired. Materials & installation services
Fume Hoods All purchases and installations. None.
Air Conditioners All air conditioners except window units for Residential Life and farms. Only window air conditioners for Residential Life and farms.
Card Access Systems All purchases and installations. None.
All Other Items Related to Construction All purchases and installations related to construction projects.

Required Forms & Procedures

All purchases for improvements to physical facilities are made by Campus Facilities or MU Procurement Services. Purchases of this nature should NOT be made with a UniversityOne Card.

Form Required by Campus Facilities

Campus Facilities requires that departments complete a Project Request Form available on the Planning, Design and Construction website at http://www.cf.missouri.edu/pdc or an Interdepartmental Order for all requests of materials or services related to improvement of physical facilities. [See BPPM 12:070 – Improvements to Physical Facilities.] Call Campus Facilities Planning, Design and Construction with questions at 882-2228.

Information Needed by MU Procurement Services

All requests for Items or Services to be provided via Procurement Services and should be entered/approved in PeopleSoft (Requisition). Refer to BPPM 3.061 – Floor Covering Removal and/or Installation for additional requirements for floor covering purchases.