Improvement to Physical Facilities

March 1999
Chapter 12

Section: 12:070

Improvement to Physical Facilities

All construction, renovations or rehabilitation efforts must comply with all applicable laws, building codes, standards, regulations and labor agreements and shall be coordinated by Campus facilities.

Campus departments are prohibited from altering, extending or connecting to the interior or exterior of a building unless the work meets all applicable laws, codes, standards, regulations and is coordinated by Campus Facilities.

Campus departments are further prohibited from improving building interior spaces except as allowed under Section 3:060 Facilities Improvement purchases. Campus departments request the services of Campus Facilities-Planning, Design and Construction to coordinate physical facilities improvements in one of two ways:

  • Inter Department Order (IDO) – For requests such as repair to department equipment or minor facility alterations or improvements, including installation of electrical outlets, painting an office, installation of computer cabling or telephone outlets, or connection of department equipment to building mechanical, plumbing or electrical systems, send and IDO to Campus Construction or call 882-6800.
  • Project Request Form – For new facilities or additions, changes or improvements to existing physical facilities, including any alterations,, modifications, extensions or connections to the interior or exterior of an existing building, the department shall initiate the project by completing a Project Request Form, including identifying funding and securing the signature of the appropriate administrator reporting to the Chancellor. Completed Project Request Forms should be forwarded to Campus Facilities-Planning, Design & Construction, 111 General services Building. Project Request Forms are available through the Planning, Design & Construction Web page or by calling 882-2228.