Floor Covering Removal and/or Installation

August 2007
Chapter 3

Section: 3:061

Floor Covering Removal and/or Installation

Due to the existence of vinyl asbestos floor tile in many areas of the campus, the removal and/or installation of carpeting and other floor coverings has the potential to release asbestos fibers. Because this can pose immediate health hazards and would be a violation of regulatory requirements if not properly handled, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) must verify that the existing subfloor does not contain asbestos or that the installation of carpeting or floor covering is unlikely to result in the release of asbestos fibers.

Verification Required

The following procedure applies to projects not being handled by Campus Facilities.

Prior to Entering a Purchasing Requisition for Floor Covering

Departments must contact EHS (882-7018), 180 General Services Building, prior to entering a Requisition for the purchase of floor covering.

  • After review and/or physical inspection of the site, EHS will provide a written determination regarding the presence of asbestos.
  • A copy of the letter from EHS must be sent to Procurement Services at the time a Requisition is entered/approved in PeopleSoft.
NOTE: Installation of floor covering shall NOT be performed until a Purchase Order has been issued.

Damage to Existing Flooring

If during the removal or installation of carpeting, any damage occurs to existing flooring which has been determined to be asbestos or potentially asbestos, all such work must stop immediately.

  • Contact Procurement Services (882-3201). Procurement will contact EHS to obtain assistance and/or approval to continue. Work cannot continue until approval from EHS has been obtained. To facilitate this process, Procurement will include a statement on relevant Purchase Orders advising the vendors of the potential asbestos and requiring them to stop work and contact Procurement Services in the event of any damage to the existing floor.