Use of University Property & Equipment

April 1998
Chapter 6

Section: 6:060

Use of University Property & Equipment


University property and equipment may be used only for those purposes related to the general activities and purposes of the University. Any use for personal or private purposes is prohibited.

Non-University Work

University equipment and resources may be used in the performance of consultation and other non-University work permitted by University policy. [See: 6:070 Using University Equipment & Resources in Non-University Work.]

Non-University Personnel

Any use of University property or equipment by non-University personnel must be authorized by the Division of Finance (573-882-2094), 319 Jesse Hall.

NOTE: Use of University vehicles by non-University personnel is detailed in 6:080 Use of University Vehicles.

Taking Property & Equipment Off-Campus

Any University property or equipment taken from University grounds must be authorized by the department chairperson or administrative official with custody of the property or equipment.