Ordering from Campus Departments

February 2012
Chapter 3

Section: 3:040

Ordering from Campus Departments

Purchase transactions between University departments are accomplished through the use of the appropriate forms and processes, as identified below.

Each department that provides goods/services to other campus departments should establish policies/procedures for processing orders. To order from another University unit, ordering departments should use an Internal Service Order Form or Outlook Internal Order Form (see below for use and instructions) is now in the Outlook forms library, except where the goods/service provider has established its own order form/process.

The unit providing the goods/services will record the transaction in PeopleSoft, usually on an Internal Service Entry ( 2:190 ) or through a feeder system ( 2:140 ). For forms, see UM System Web site.

Instructions for using the Outlook Template – UMC Accounting Internal Order Form

  • To access the form, in Outlook choose File , New , Choose Form , Organizational Forms Library , UMC Accounting Internal Order Form . If you are at the main Outlook menu, you can click on the down arrow to the right of the New menu option.
  • Users will need to fill in the To: field when they use the form.
  • Departments who receive multiple IOF’s and plan to use feeds for this process should either:
    • Establish a special Outlook address for the form to be received.
    • Designate one or more individuals who are authorized to receive these orders.
  • Communicate the addressing information to your customers.
  • You must “forward” the form to retain the information already entered and/or to add to it. If you reply, you lose what is in the form.

University Bookstore, Health Sciences Book Store, TigerTech

University Stores (including the University Bookstore, Health Sciences Book Store, TigerTech) has the authority to purchase certain goods without prior consent by Procurement/Materials Management and, when necessary, the director of University Stores may purchase these items for resale to individuals without taking competitive bids.

Students, faculty, staff, alumni and family members, and the general public may purchase products from the University stores, provided personal funds are used.

University Stores

The University Bookstore, Health Sciences Book Store and TigerTech sell items that assist students in their study or leisure.

Departmental Purchases

University departmental purchases from the University Bookstore (882-7611), Student Center, the Health Sciences Book Store (882-9911), Blair Hall, and TigerTech (882-2131), Student Center, are limited to small dollar and emergency purchases of items that are not available through term contracts issued by Procurement/Materials Management.

Departments must use a Book Store Requisition (UM 81) to purchase items from the University Bookstore, Health Sciences Book Store or TigerTech.

  • Effective April 1, 1992, single purchases from the University Bookstore, Health Sciences Book Store and TigerTech must not exceed $1,000 unless the items purchased have been approved and acquired through Procurement/Materials Management.
  • No requests for furniture will be honored by University Stores, unless otherwise authorized by Procurement/Materials Management. Furniture must be acquired through Procurement/Materials Management.
  • Departments are prohibited from splitting or stringing purchases from the University Stores.


In 1983 the Board of Curators established a policy for the enhancement of computer awareness, literacy and use [Collected Rules & Regulations Section 80.040 ]. As part of that policy members of the University community are permitted to use their personal funds to purchase microcomputers and associated software through TigerTech under contracts established by Procurement/Materials Management which provide substantial savings to the individual.

TigerTech (882-2131), Student Center, is the MU campus reseller to provide computers and related equipment and software for sale to faculty, staff, students and University departments.

Departmental Purchases

Any computer or peripheral equipment and associated software that has been offered for sale to the University community under Procurement/Materials Management contractual arrangements with various computer companies may be purchased by departments without prior approval form Procurement/Materials Management. All such purchases are made on a University Book Stores Requisition (UM 81).

NOTE: The $1,000 single to purchase limitation does not apply to computer hardware, peripheral equipment and associated software when the purchases are made against a contract established by Procurement/Materials Management.

Book Stores Requisition

Departments must use a Book Stores Requisition (UM 81) to purchase items from the University Bookstore, Health Sciences Book Store or the TigerTech.

NOTE: Petty Cash may not be used for purchases from University Bookstore, Health Sciences Bookstore or TigerTech.
  • The Book Stores Requisition should be completed (including description) before sending or taking it to the store. The requisition must be signed by a person authorized to sign on the account(s) to be charged, and must clearly indi ca te which items are to be charged to each account on split-funded requisitions.
  • Retain the blue memo copy if you send the Book Stores Requisition to the store. The pink copy will be assigned a reference number and will be returned to you when your order is delivered. The blue copy should then be destroyed.
  • If an item is out of stock, the store will line through that item and fill the rest of the order. The store will prepare another requisition for he out-of stock item, referencing the original requisition number, and will deliver the item when available.
NOTE: You must show a valid University I.D. to pick up material listed on a Book Stores Requisition. A Can Do Crew badge or hospital I.D. tag does not constitute a valid University I.D.

Procedure for Completing the Form

Complete items 1-8 before taking or sending the form to the University Bookstore, Health Sciences Book Store or the TigerTech. The following numbering scheme relates to the circled numbers placed in the blocks of the sample Book Store Requisition.

  1. Date requisition is originated.
  2. Name of department to be charged.
  3. Name of account to be charged.
  4. Building and room number of department to be charged.
  5. Eleven-digit account number to be charged.
  6. Quantity to be purchased.
  7. Name of item(s) to be purchased.
  8. Signature of person authorized to sign for account charged.
  9. Bookstore Completes.
  10. Bookstore Completes.
  11. Bookstore Completes.
  12. Bookstore Completes.
  13. Bookstore Completes.
  14. Bookstore Completes.
  15. Bookstore Completes.
  16. Signed by the person receiving the goods, at the time of receipt. The receiver will also provide identification number with signature.
  17. Assigned by Accounting/Bookstore.
  18. Not used at this time.
  19. Requisition number on which a returned item was originally purchased.

Digiprint Centers

(formerly Quick Copy)

Digiprint Centers are operated by MU Printing Services. The Centers are located at several locations on campus and provide photocopying and digital printing services.

Location of Digiprint Centers

There are two Digiprint Centers on the MU campus and one at the main facility at 2800 Maguire Blvd.

  • 2800 Maguire Blvd (Main Printing Facility): 882-5948
  • MU Student Center Digiprint Center: 882-2230
  • Ellis Library Digiprint Center: 882-7262


In addition to making copies from your originals, the Digiprint Centers can also output digital prints of your document from the Digiprint Web Site. The instructions are easy to follow. You submit your file to us on-line, we print it out, then call you for either customer pick-up or deliver it to your office, whichever you prefer.

Digiprint Center Services – our Digiprint Centers offer the following services: labels, recycled white bond, colored paper, transparencies, collating, stapling, and digital printing. Also quick access to color printing, and large format printing, mounting, and laminating. Large format jobs are produced at the Maguire Digiprint Center.

Fax Service – MU Student Center Digiprint Center (882-2230) offers fax service.

Copyrighted Material

Printing Services is not permitted to reproduce copyrighted material without written permission from the publisher. Acknowledging the source of copyrighted material is not a substitute for obtaining written permission.

Printing Purchases

MU Printing Services is a university owned and operated, full-service printing facility located off campus at 2800 Maguire Blvd. Printing Services offers both digital toner (formerly known as Xerography or copying) and offset (traditional ink) printing. Typically digital printing is used for jobs with smaller quantities while offset printing is used for jobs with longer runs. A Printing Services Customer Service Representative (CSR) will assist you with any questions you may have regarding selecting the most efficient printing method for a particular project.

General contact information:

For complete information about all the services offered at Printing Services and Digiprint Centers , go to our website www.ps.missouri.edu . You will find answers for many of your questions about preparing and ordering printing under the Our Services section. You can contact us at 882-7801 or find contact information for Customer Services Representatives, and locations and contacts for the Digiprint Centers, on our website under Contact us .

University Printing Services
2800 Maguire Blvd.
Columbia , MO 65211
573-882-7801 Fax 573-882-1413

How to order printing:

  • It is best to consult with a Customer Services Representative (CSR) at the beginning of your design process for the most cost-effective means to produce your printed piece and to maximize postal discounts.
  • For budgeting purposes, you may Request An Estimate online if you know the specifics of your print order. If you have questions on terminology, paper stock, or any item on the form, contact a CSR at 882-7801.
  • Once you have been given an estimate, be sure to note the estimate number when you are ready to place your order.
  • There are four methods available to place a print order:
    1. The Printing Services Work Authorization (UM260) is a 3-part carbon form available through General Stores. This form allows for the signature of an authorized person in your department as protection from unauthorized print orders. Quantity should be listed numerically, not boxes or reams, and the MoCode and People Soft account number are required. Your job files may be submitted as explained under Submitting Digital Files, and a mockup of your design is helpful either in PDF form or as a laser-printed sample.
    2. An Online Work Authorization is available if you prefer. You may include the email address for an authorized fiscal person to receive an email confirmation of your order. If you already have an estimate number from us, your print specifications will be carried forward from the estimate. As with the work authorization form UM260, you will need to submit your digital files through web submission or on removable media described under Submitting Digital Files. Please send a mockup of your job which tells us page order, bleeds, and any additional layout information pertaining to the job.
    3. Reprints of a previously printed job may be ordered online if you have the previous job number. You must indicate whether it is a reprint as is or with changes. You may also send a work authorization (form UM260) along with a previous sample, marked with any changes you might have.
    4. Under the category Order Stationery on our website, you can order standard letterhead and envelopes, business cards, note cards, and blank paper online. Categories are included for the MU Campus, MU Health Care, Extension, and University of Missouri System .

Preparing files for offset printing:

Our Electronic Prepress Department has capabilities for working with Macintosh and PC computer programs. We work with a variety of software including but not limited to: Adobe InDesign, QuarkXpress, Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, and many more. Please call one of our Customer Services Representatives at 882-7801 if you have any questions on file preparation.

Submitting Digital files:

There are three accepted methods for transferring digital files to Printing Services, included on our Web site under Submitting Jobs and requests .

  1. The preferred way is to use the Web-based submission page found on the Printing Services Web site under the tab Submit Offset Print Job . This allows you to enter additional information about your job as well as notifying your CSR that the files have arrived.
  2. If you need a toner-based or large-format job printed on one of our Digiprint Digital presses, you can use the Digiprint Digital Storefront to upload your print-ready PDF�s or Office files.
  3. Printing Services also accepts electronic files on the following removable media: CD ROMs, DVDs, and USB.jump� drives. Please collect all your layout, graphics, and fonts files and put them on your disks. We will return your media on completion of the job.

Although Printing Services can receive electronic files via e-mail, this method is discouraged due to size limitations. Talk to your CSR about the best method to send your small files.

Types of Services:

Printing Services offers the following services:

  • Design Services & Composition. Graphic design and layout assistance, typesetting, disk conversion from some computer software, and scanning up to 14½ x 18½
  • Press. Full-color printing, perforating, scoring, die cutting, numbering and envelope printing.
  • Bindery. Folding, hole punching, side and saddle stitching, padding, perfect binding, several options of spiral binding, and packaging.
  • Free Delivery. Pick-up service for incoming jobs and proofs; delivery service for proofs, media, completed printing jobs, and paper orders, delivery to Campus Mail Service available upon request
  • Promotional Items. MU logo licensed vendor, wide variety of personalized specialty items, competitive prices, ease of ordering with your department account codes
  • Variable Data Printing. Available through the Digiprint Center at the main plant locations, personalized letters, addressing information to match the design of your layout, customized copy content for significantly higher response rates
  • Large Format Printing. Oversized digital printing for posters, signs and banners, ultraviolet-resistant ink, ultraviolet-resistant lamination, mounting on Fome-cor or Gator Foam, edge framing in black or colors
  • Digiprint Centers. for black and white and full-color digital printing services, www.ps.missouri.edu
  • Addressing & Mailing – See Campus Mail Services


Detailed information on policies and procedures may be viewed online University Club

All food and refreshments served in the Memorial Union must be purchased through University Catering unless prior approval is obtained from University Catering at 882-2188 or 882-9048. University Catering also offers complete catering services at other locations on and off campus for both University and Non-University events.

Informational Brochure

The University Catering brochure lists menus, pricing and guidelines on ordering service. For information or a copy of the brochure, call University Catering at 882- 9048 or 882-2188. The menu brochure may also be viewed online at University Catering .

Procedure for Placing Catering Orders

Room reservations should be confirmed before contacting the University Catering representative. Make all set-up and menu arrangements at least seven business days prior to the event (14 business days prior to an event where 200 more will be served). University Catering will do its best to accommodate groups that are unable to book with the required notice period.

Menu Selection and Type of Service

Contact University Catering (882-2188 or 882-9048), N229 Memorial Union, to place catering orders. The following information will be requested:

  • Date and time of the event.
  • Location of event
  • Number of people to attend the event.
  • University MO Code and Account Codes or alternate method of payment
  • Type of service desired and menu selection
NOTE: Alcoholic beverages are not sold. To serve alcoholic beverages at an event, see 1:080 Use of Alcoholic Beverages on University Property.


Call the University Catering Sales representative with a guaranteed number of guests no less than four business days in advance of the event date.

  • All catering orders changed less than four business days before an event may be assessed a modification charge.
  • Please view all other guarantee details online at http://uclub.missouri.edu/home/.


Please view the cancellation policies and procedures online at http://uclub.missouri.edu/home/


University Catering reserves the right to refuse catering orders placed by departments, organizations or individuals with accounts over 30 days past due.

University Departments

Payment is to be made by University MoCode. The MoCode is given at the time the event is booked with the University Catering Sales Department. After the event is over, University Catering will provide a final invoice to the department for review.

The charges shown on the final invoice will be uploaded into the University’s Accounting System, within 2 days of the receipt of the invoice, where it will be charged to the appropriate departmental account. It is the responsibility of the department to go into the JE and record in the box marked.other comments’ the information required by the University:

  • Purpose of the event.
  • Number of people attending (names of individuals if 10 of less, or name of the University organization).
  • Date of the event.

Non-University Departments

The Billing Office will issue an invoice.

  • Return the invoice with payment to the University Catering Fiscal Office, 107 Reynolds Alumni Center, Columbia , Missouri 65211 .
NOTE: If catering services are to be provided for a tax exempt organization, a current statement from the Missouri Department of Revenue verifying tax exempt status must be submitted to N229 Memorial Union prior to the event.

Questions About Billing

For answers to questions regarding the billing of a function, contact the University Catering Fiscal Office (882-3709).