Use of Alcoholic Beverages on University Property

Chapter 1

Section: 1:080

Use of Alcoholic Beverages on University Property

Adopted:  04/1998
Revised:  02/06/2017; 10/30/2018; 08/25/2022

Responsible Office
MU Operations Division

Use of Alcoholic Beverages on University Property


The use or possession of any alcoholic beverage is prohibited on all University property, except in the residences of the President and Chancellor, in designated facilities, and for single events or reoccurring similar events where the sale, use, or possession of alcohol may be allowed by appropriate University approval, subject to all legal requirements.

Expanded definitions and information for this policy are available under Resources below.          


The following procedures assist in ensuring compliance with the above policy:

Request to Use Alcoholic Beverages on University Property

The department or organization making a request to use alcoholic beverages on the MU campus must submit a  request to Reservations and Events, one week prior to the date of intended use.

Completing the Form 

The department or organization making application must provide:

  • Description of the proposed activity.
  • Date and times of the event.
  • Primary group that will be attending the event and description of Faculty/Staff, Students, or Other
  • Name, address, and phone of person responsible
  • Name, address and phone number of the department or organization making the application.
  • Responsible person’s signature, address and phone number. By signing, the sponsor accepts personal responsibility for ensuring compliance with University policy and state laws governing use of alcoholic beverages, and financial responsibility for the activity.
  • Building coordinator’s approval.

NOTE: All persons attending the activity must comply with applicable federal and state laws and University requirements, rules and regulations.



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