Non-University Use of Computing Services

April 1998
Chapter 6

Section: 6:075

Non-University Use of Computing Services

All programs or projects involving use of University computing facilities and service must be consistent with the University’s primary missions of providing instruction, research and public service to the citizens of Missouri.

Permitted Non-university Use of Computing Facilities

Non-University use of University computing services may be permitted only for those services which the University has a special ability to supply, and then only when that use will not impede the University’s ability to conduct its affairs.

Use Under Cooperative Agreement

Use of computing facilities and services may be permitted when such use is part of or incidental to cooperative agreements with other institutions, businesses or agencies for programs of mutual interest. All such use is to be governed by the cooperative agreement and any other agreements as may be required.

Use By University Employees

Faculty and staff members conducting approved consulting activities may be permitted use of University computing facilities in conjunction with such activities, when approved in accordance with established University procedures [See: 6:070 Use of University Equipment & Resources in Non-University Work.].

University Students

Students of the University of Missouri may be permitted use of computing facilities and services provided such use is reasonably associated with the academic program and goals of the student as determined by the appropriate academic department.

Government Agencies, Educational Institutions and Charitable or Not-for-Profit Organizations

Federal, state and local government agencies, other educational institutions and charitable or not-for-profit, organizations may be permitted use of University computing facilities and services provided such use is consistent with the principles stated above and is approved in accordance with established University procedures.

Perquisite Use

The University of Missouri allows each department to grant staff and students limited use of the department’s computing and network resources for four non-University functions:

  • Electronic communication with family and friends.
  • Communication by students with prospective employers.
  • Independent learning that does not hinder assigned responsibilities.
  • Providing public service information (such as hobbyist Web pages).

Unless the governing department explicitly allows a specific non-University use of a computing or network resource, the University prohibits such non-University use.

The University prohibits any use of its resources for: illegal activities; activities prohibited by University regulations and contracts; anything that hinders assigned University responsibilities; any competitive commercial activity not explicitly authorized by the Business Office; mass unsolicited mailings and chain letters not required by University business: giving access to individual ID’s and passwords to anyone but the authorized University user.

Perquisite use must immediately yield to formal instruction, research, or employer priorities. Interfering with these priorities or violation of the specific prohibitions listed above is grounds for disciplinary action, including by not limited to, ejection from facilities, loss of all access, regardless of fees paid.

Approval Required

In addition to the approvals specified above, University equipment may not be used to maintain on behalf of non-University individuals or organizations (including non-profit organizations):

  • Network access services
  • Permanent data storage (including Web pages)
  • Voluminous data communication (including forums and mail distribution lists)

Such non-University use of networking or other infrastructure services requires approval of the director of those services, such as the director of IAT Services or the director’s representative. Except as contracted, non-University use may be withdrawn without notice. If you have any questions about approval please contact IAT Services.

Service Charge

Charges for non-University use of University computing services are made in accordance with the rate schedule in effect at the time.