March 1999
Chapter 12

Section: 12:090


The Landscape Services unit of Campus Facilities is responsible for the continuing maintenance of the Columbia campus’s landscape to provide a safe, attractive educational landscape environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Landscape Services

Landscape services are provided to all areas of the MU campus with the exception of intercollegiate athletic facilities and University Hospital and Clinics. The scheduled frequency of service is prioritized by usage and visibility of areas.

  • Landscape Architecture – Landscape Architecture and design services are provided primarily on a recharge basis.
  • Landscape Maintenance – The following services are performed as needed in accordance with MU’s landscape requirements: mowing, trimming, fertilizing, watering, pruning, weed, and pest control of turf, trees, shrubs, and flowers.
  • Landscape Construction – The following services are primarily recharge activities and performed as needed: planting, removing, and replacing trees and shrubs. Additional landscape work at construction sites includes sodding, seeding, and renovation of turf.
    • To initiate a Landscape Construction Project, the department should submit a Project Request Form to Campus Facilities, General Services Building. [For information on the procedure for submitting a Project Request Form, please refer to 12:070 Facility Maintenance, Renovation, and New Construction.]
  • Grounds Maintenance – The following services are performed as needed: Litter control and maintenance of miscellaneous outdoor items including fences, bicycle racks, sidewalk trash receptacles, and exterior bulletin boards.
  • Snow Removal – Campus Facilities personnel are responsible for the removal of snow and ice from campus walks and driveways and handicapped ramps and steps to office classroom buildings.
    • Campus Facilities serves as a contractor to Parking Operations, Residential Life, and University Hospital and Clinics for snow/ice removal. For questions about the removal of snow/ice in these areas, please contact Parking Operations, Residential Life or University Hospital and Clinics.
    • In the event of overnight snowfall, the University Police Shift Commander notifies Campus Facilities when conditions warrant snow/ice removal. Guidelines used by the Shift Commander are one to two inches of snow accumulation and/or ice or freezing rain causing hazardous driving conditions
    • The following are general priorities for campus snow removal:
      1. Hospital and Clinics’ drives and roadways.
      2. Building entrances, steps, and handicap ramps (performed by custodial personnel). [See also: 12:010 Custodial Services.]
      3. Handicapped and shuttle bus routes.
      4. Sidewalks.
        1. Major thoroughfares.
        2. Minor thoroughfares.
      5. Delivery and unloading zones.
      6. Parking lots.
  • Trash Removal – Trash removal on campus is provided by a contract with the City of Columbia. Trash collection begins at 3:00 a.m. and is generally complete by 10:00 a.m.
NOTE: Please consult the Campus Facilities Service Guide for current telephone numbers.