Wrongful Acts or Errors and Omissions

April 1998
Chapter 8

Section: 8:080

Wrongful Acts or Errors and Omissions

All incidents or claims of any wrongful acts must be reported.

Wrongful Acts

A wrongful act is any matter not resulting in bodily injury or property damage or claim against the University or any of its faculty or staff members, individually or collectively, for:

  • Any actual or alleged error.
  • Misstatement.
  • Misleading statement, act or omission.
  • Neglect.
  • Breach of duty by the insured in the discharge of duties.
  • Being or having been an employee during the policy period.

Reporting an Incident or Claim

All incidents or claims for any wrongful act must be reported in a letter-report form within 48 hours after the incident or receipt of a notice claim. Submit the letter-report to the Office of the General Counsel, 227 University Hall and, send a copy to UM Insurance Manager, 6 Clark Hall.

For further information, contact Administrative Services (882-7254), 311 Jesse Hall.