Work-Related Injuries or Occupational Diseases

July 2013
Chapter 8

Section: 8:030

Work-Related Injuries or Occupational Diseases

Revised: 11/14/2018

Written reports are required for all injuries to faculty, staff or student employees which occur during the course of, or arise out of University employment.

Required Report Forms

All forms, information, and questions should be referred to Risk and Insurance Management.

Report of Injury

In order to receive benefits under Workers’ Compensation, an employee must report the injury to their department immediately after it occurs. The department must report all injuries to the Worker’s Compensation Coordinator on a Report of Injury Form within 24 hours of the injury. The Report of Injury Form may then be mailed, faxed, telephoned or e-mailed to the appropriate Workers’ Compensation Coordinator.

Medical Treatment

State law gives the employer the right to choose where injured employees will be treated for work-related injuries.

Authorized Providers/Facilities:


Questions regarding Worker’s Compensation: