Wiring Closets

August 2007
Chapter 13

Section: 13:520

Wiring Closets

Telecommunications wiring closets are defined as dedicated rooms or other space used to terminate telecommunications facilities and house network and telecommunications equipment. Telecommunications wiring closets are critical to providing reliable and secure communications. It is imperative that telecommunications closets be dedicated (i.e. not used as storage closets or other purposes) and that unauthorized access is prohibited. The Division of Information Technology employees are the only authorized staff allowed to gain access to network telecom closets.

Existing Buildings

Campus departments and building coordinators must work with the Division of Information Technology to identify and modify as necessary, space within buildings to accommodate the telecommunications equipment and facilities. In most circumstances, the Division of Information Technology will pay the cost of room modifications.

New and Renovated Buildings

The Division of Information Technology works directly with Campus Facilities to develop and maintain written standards for telecommunications closets. Such standards are included in construction specification and bid documents, assuring the creation of adequate and secure space for telecommuinication for newly constructed or renovated buildings.

By mutual agreement, the Division of Information Technology will work with schools/colleges/departments to assign an individual IT professional within their department to act as a telecom/network technical liaison. In these instances, and with certain assigned responsibilities, a single IT professional may gain access to telecom closets.


Instances of unauthorized access to telecommunications wiring closets should be reported to abuse@missouri.edu.

Call 882-2000 to obtain information about telecommunications wiring closets.