Wireless Data Networking

August 2007
Chapter 13

Section: 13:240

Wireless Data Networking

Wireless networking is an extension of, not a replacement for, the campus wired data network. University departments located on campus or off-campus and connected to the campus network must obtain licensed and unlicensed (as defined by the FCC) wireless data network equipment and service from the Division of Information Technology. The Division of Information Technology is solely responsible for procuring, installing, maintaining and interconnecting wireless network equipment with the campus wired data network.

The Division of Information Technology will also process and coordinate FCC licenses as appropriate and will locate antenna sites in coordination with Campus Facilities.

The Division of Information Technology establishes and maintains unlicensed wireless data standards to prevent interference and to ensure vendor interoperability. The Division of Information Technology will respond to reports of interference and reserves the right to restrict the use of wireless devices in University-owned buildings and all outdoor spaces as necessary to ensure reliability of the campus wireless network.


See Mizzou TigerNet Wireless for additional information on the wireless data network services available.

Faculty and staff should contact their departmental IT professional to report wireless network problems prior to contacting the Help Desk.

Departmental IT professionals can report problems to the IT Help Desk at 882-5000 or to the Division of Information Technology Operations Center.