Vehicle Liability Insurance

March 1999
Chapter 9

Section: 9:030

Vehicle Liability Insurance

Revised: 11/14/2018

The University self-insures its vehicle and general liability exposures.


The plan covers bodily injury or property damage liability arising out of the operation or use of University owned or operated vehicles by University officers, agents, employees and authorized volunteers and students; or arising from ownership or use of buildings or premises; and/or legal liability arising from University operations.


All claims for vehicle and general liability coverage against the University should be reported to the appropriate campus contact using the Vehicle Accident Report, Form UM-5. The University Police Department (if on campus) and/or the local police department are to be notified immediately after the accident occurs so they may respond appropriately. Accidents involving unoccupied university vehicles (for example, parked vehicles) are to be reported as damage to university property using the Property Damage Report, Form 69. Refer to UM System Office of Risk Management for additional information.

University Owned Vehicles

The first $500 claim or cost of any vehicular loss will be the responsibility of the department whose driver was responsible for the accident.

Non-Owned Vehicles (Including Use of Personal Vehicles on University Business and/or Rental Vehicles)

University liability coverage shall be excess to any other available coverage.

  • Authorized persons using personal vehicles on University business must maintain minimum liability limits as required by the State of Missouri under its “Financial Responsibility” law.


UM Policy 13302 Insurance Coverages and Purchasing Insurance