Use of University Computer Equipment

April 1998
Chapter 6

Section: 6:055

Use of University Computer Equipment

Disclaimer of Liability

The University of Missouri-Columbia and its members disclaim liability for losses due to published policies, failures typical of technology, intruders, or freaks of nature. Unless otherwise guaranteed, individual data owners are ultimately responsible for integrity of data they store and transmit via University facilities.

Therefore, Department of I. T. urges:

  • Understand the schedule of data retention on systems you use. For example, most systems will automatically expire old electronic mail. Some systems may automatically remove student files after the student completes a course or in the next semester that student in not enrolled.
  • Understand and verify the extent and schedule of stat backup on systems you use. Some systems do not retain backups of user data.
  • Arrange redundant storage and delivery of very important data.
  • Utilize current protection against computer viruses.
  • Utilize secure technologies.
  • Appropriately safeguard passwords and other means of access to protect against unauthorized access.
  • In general, adversarially review data storage and communication to try to anticipate what might go wrong.

Other University and departmental policies may be in effect require these and other measures.