University Publications

Chapter 5

Section: 5:060

University Publications

Adopted:  March 2011
Revised: October 26, 2020


At Mizzou, we strive to be responsible communicators. Part of that responsibility entails making sure Mizzou websites contain accurate, accessible information that follows set standards and are easily identifiable as part of the Mizzou identity.

MU web developers are expected to make sites that are easy to read, intuitively navigable, accessible, aesthetically pleasing, compliant with university policies and reflective of the university’s values.

Anyone who creates, manages, edits, develops content for or otherwise contributes to an official University of Missouri website should follow the policies set by the Joint Office of Strategic Communication and Marketing (JOSCM). Websites are subject to campus guidelines and System rules as well as state and federal laws regarding accessibility, privacy and intellectual property. All websites are required to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.

Additional policies and guidelines can be found on the Identity and Digital Service websites.


Social Media

Mizzou Tigers are everywhere in social media. We promote special events. We report emergencies. We announce research breakthroughs and sports victories. We share student accomplishments and academic opportunities. We broadcast lectures and ceremonies. We show beautiful photos of the people and places that make Mizzou our favorite university.

Official Central Mizzou Social Media Accounts

The following guidelines apply to personnel acting in an official role on behalf of Mizzou when using social media as a university communications tool. The guidelines are designed for two purposes:

  • To clarify who is authorized to act in an official social media role on behalf of Mizzou.
  • To establish acceptable use of Mizzou’s official social media accounts by authorized employees.

General Guidelines

Posts and content added by administrators of the official University of Missouri social media accounts are official University of Missouri content. Opinions expressed on social media channels by other users do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the University of Missouri.

Authorized Social Media Personnel

Social media is the use of mobile technologies and web-based applications to connect with the online community. Examples of social media include, but are not limited to, blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook. They are powerful communications tools that have a significant impact on organizational and professional reputations.

University of Missouri’s JOSCM is the only office or department within Mizzou that is permitted to establish or maintain Mizzou’s main branded social media accounts, on behalf of Mizzou. The director of digital communications may designate other staff to assist with specific social media communications as deemed necessary for the main brand.

A Mizzou-branded account includes any and all accounts administered by university employees using the University of Missouri name, logos, and/or nicknames, or accounts that represent a University of Missouri college, school, division, department or program. Mizzou-branded accounts represent the university. Individuals who run the accounts may not express personal opinions or use university branding without authorization or accountability.

Mizzou departments and programs outside of JOSCM who wish to include social media sites in a campus-wide directory are required to submit a Social Media Account Form for review.

Ultimate authority with regard to content of Mizzou-branded accounts lies with the vice chancellor for marketing and communications and the chief marketing and communications officer. Acceptable content will be determined at the vice chancellor for marketing and communications and the chief marketing and communications officer’s discretion.

Acceptable Use by Authorized Social Media Personnel

Mizzou social media accounts should clearly identify the program or department represented, including using a properly branded avatar. If the account represents Mizzou, make sure “Mizzou” is included in the name of the account. Also include “Mizzou” in the account handle when possible.

Posted content must reflect Mizzou’s brand tone and stay on target with official key messages that have been established by the department or organization represented by the social media account.

When conversing with fans, friends and followers, it’s important to remember to maintain and protect their privacy. Be vigilant and aware of HIPAA and FERPA privacy requirements.

All Mizzou-branded accounts shall post guidelines for engagement within social media channels where possible. These guidelines should be consistently applied to all users and expected of all social media operators.

Additional guidelines regarding branding, engagement and account management can be found on the Identity Web Site.