University Identification

Chapter 5

Section: 5:100

University Identification

Adopted: June 2011
Revised: October 26, 2020

In all publications, electronic communications, presentations and news releases, the first reference should be the University of Missouri. Thereafter, use MU, Mizzou or university (with lowercase u). The MU logo and the words University of Missouri must appear on covers of publications and websites directed to external audiences.

MU/Mizzou – Use either MU or Mizzou after the first reference.

  • Do not use the acronym UMC as a reference to the University of Missouri in Columbia.
  • Do not use MU or Mizzou in such a way to imply that either refers to the University of Missouri System.
  • Do not use Missouri University as a reference for either the University of Missouri or the University of Missouri System.
  • Do not use Columbia campus to refer to the University of Missouri in Columbia.
  • Write MU without periods, even in headlines. It is not an acronym for Missouri University.
  • MU is Missouri’s only public member of the Association of American Universities and is classified as research university/very high by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. As such, the word flagship is appropriate for describing MU: Missouri’s flagship institution or Missouri’s flagship university.
  • MU is also affiliated with the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU). The university was given land-grant status in 1870 under the 1862 Morrill Act, which provided for the donation of public land for institutions to serve the citizens of a state.

Missouri/Mizzou/MU Tigers – Sports teams should be referred to as the Missouri Tigers, Mizzou Tigers or MU Tigers.

MU Logo – In accordance with University of Missouri System guidelines, the chancellor of the University of Missouri has designated the stacked MU logo with the University of Missouri wordmark (University Signature) as the official primary logo of the campus to be used on banners, websites, letterhead, envelopes, business cards and other print and electronic publications. The tiger head is an official secondary logo.

  • The MU logo may not be adapted or used in conjunction with any other logo. Consistent visual identity is vital to MU’s brand identity and internal unit credibility/identity.
  • Branding guidelines and all university logos are available for download at Questions regarding the use of university logos can be sent to
  • When purchasing a product or promotional item that includes an MU logo, an approved licensed vendor must be used.
  • Violation of this policy will be addressed as follows:
    1. Official notification from MU administration
    2. Possible suspension of the use of university funds for materials that violate this policy

MU Stationery and Business Cards -(print and digital) – All stationery must follow stationery policy and, when applicable, be printed on white paper stock The MU logo may be printed in black only or black and MU Gold.

  • No extraneous symbols or statements are used on the business card or the stationery.
  • It is MU policy that no personalized letterhead will be printed.
  • The business card is a convenient device showing that the carrier is associated in some manner with the University of Missouri. The person’s title should be limited to the most appropriate, indicating his or her relationship to the university.
  • Email signatures are considered digital versions of a business card.
  • University of Missouri Printing Services is the only authorized supplier of official university stationery.

System Identification

The distinctive and historic official seal of the University is the only symbol of the UM System. The official seal will be used by administrative offices of the UM System and UM Board of Curators. The seal is also used by MU for some official recognitions, as authorized by the Chancellor.

Additional information on system identification is available on the University of Missouri System website or by calling UM System Strategic Communications (882-4591).

University of Missouri System – The first reference to the four-campus University System (Columbia, Kansas City, Rolla and St. Louis) should be University of Missouri System. Thereafter use UM System, University System or University (with uppercase U). Uppercase System when used alone.

Board of Curators – The University of Missouri Board of Curators may be referenced as University of Missouri Board of Curators, Curators of the University of Missouri, or UM Board of Curators (second reference).

Other Institutions in the UM System – For reference to the other institution in the University of Missouri System: