Two-Way Radio Services

Chapter 13

Section: 13:340

Two-Way Radio Services

ADOPTED: 03/2009
REVISED: 03/15/2022
RESPONSIBLE OFFICE:  Division of Information Technology

Departments located on campus and/or in Columbia must obtain two-way radio service and equipment from the Division of Information Technology. Departments that operate their own two-way radio systems are grandfathered until the system requires replacement. Departments with specialized two-way radio systems requiring interconnection with incompatible radio systems operated by outside agencies/organizations are exempt.

Departments will incur monthly charges for the services utilized and may incur one-time charges for activation or modification of two-way radio services. Estimates for recurring and non-recurring charges will be provided upon request. Departmental heads and/or business & financial officers must review billing for two-way radio services to ensure that charges are accurate and appropriate.


Go to the Division of Information Technology Two-Way Radio Services Web page or call 882-2000 to request service or for a consultation.

Requests for service must be made through the Division of IT’s DoIT Service Portal application.

Contact the IT Help Desk at 882-5000 to report problems.