Travel Expenses-General Information

July 2011
Chapter 4

Section: 4:010-4:055


Revised: 11/12/2018


Travel must be authorized by an administrative superior or other designated official for University employees or others who are traveling to conduct University business.

When funding for travel is not under the authority of the administrative superior or other designated official, an official authorized to make expenditures from the departmental funds or funding source from which the travel is to be paid must authorize the travel. Verbal authorization to travel by the administrative superior or other designated official is sufficient. Travel and the related expenditures should be monitored by the administrative superior on a regular basis for all departmental units.

In accordance with IRS regulations, the University has an accountable plan that allows it to reimburse employees for authorized business expenses with no effect on compensation. Reimbursement of expenses is limited to expenses allowable per the University policies.

Employees and others who incur travel expenses while conducting official University business may be reimbursed for all reasonable and necessary expenses in accordance with University policies. Where feasible and appropriate, the traveler should have the University pay pre-trip travel expenses before the trip. Upon request, corporate travel cards may be issued at no cost to authorized faculty and staff members, including graduate student employees, for charging business-related travel expenses in lieu of personal funds and to obtain travel cash advances. Departments should work with the individuals in order to take advantage of University discounts and processes, e.g., booking flights through use of the One Card. Additionally, each Campus and the System have Travel Coordinators who can advise individuals regarding University travel policies and procedures as well as University travel cards.

With submission of all requests for reimbursement of employee travel expenses, the employee attests to appropriateness of expenses in accordance with University travel policies. The expense report is routed to an employee’s fiscal approver for verification and approval that all expenses submitted for reimbursement adhere to University travel policies. In no case should an employee approve his or her own form. Itemized receipts are required to be attached to the expense report for all expenditures $75 or more and for all hotel expenditures regardless of amount. No receipts should be submitted or maintained for expenditures less than $75 except for hotel receipts.

Reimbursement of expenses for non-employees (candidates and consultants) is made when the travel is necessary and of benefit to the University, and is limited to expenses allowable per the University’s policies. This type of reimbursement should be requested through a Non-PO voucher.

For additional guidance on travel, see the Accounts Payable Shared Services Travel & Expense Page; call Accounting Services at 882-TRIP, see the UM System Travel Page as well as any of the links at the top of the page.