Summons and Petitions

April 1998
Chapter 8

Section: 8:100

Summons and Petitions

Any summons or petition served on an employee as a result of an accident or incident occurring in the course of or arising out of employment by the University must be reported immediately.

Reporting an Summons or Petition

Any faculty or staff member is to follow these steps immediately upon being served a summons or petition:

  1. Make two copies of the summons or petition.
  2. Hand carry the summons or petition to the Office of the General Counsel, 227, University Hall.
  3. Forward or hand carry a copy of the summons or petition to the director of Risk and Insurance Management, 6 Clark Hall.
NOTE: If the allegations of a summons or petition are not covered by University insurance, the Office of the General Counsel will contact you to explain your legal options.