Sound Amplification Devices

Chapter 6

Section: 6:052

Sound Amplification Devices

Adopted: 04/1998
Revised: 06/01/2017, 06/22/2018; 03/10/2020

Responsible Office
MU Operations

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Sound Amplification Devices


The use of sound amplification devices in buildings, on the campus, or on any site of the University, whether owned by the University or under its control, is not allowed unless a permit for the use is obtained. This policy applies to all University of Missouri employees, students, University affiliates, contractors, and visitors.

This policy complies with and implements Collected Rules and Regulations (CRR) 110.040.

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“Sound amplification device” is defined as any electrically operated or non-electric assisted device for the amplification of sound. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Public address systems, powered speakers, and music or voice amplifiers;
  • Bull horns;
  • Megaphones;
  • Musical instruments.

Exceptions – Sound Amplification Devices Prohibited Without Permit

The use of sound amplification devices in University buildings or on any University grounds or site is prohibited unless a permit is issued by MU Operations (882-7255), 305 Jesse Hall meeting the following criteria:

  • A permit applicant shall have the burden of establishing the need for amplification to communicate with the anticipated audience. In particular, the applicant must show that the audience can reasonably be anticipated to include at least 250 people.
  • A permit applicant shall have the burden of establishing that the volume and direction of the amplified sound will not disrupt, interfere with, or prevent the orderly conduct of a University function or activity,
  • Permits shall not be issued for the use of sound amplification devices when one or more colleges are administering final examinations or has scheduled a reading day

Permits shall not be required for the use of university sound-amplifying equipment used for authorized university classes, research, or meetings in university buildings, for university sponsored academic, recreational or athletic activities, for crowd control by authorized university officials, or for personal amplification devices that are substantially limited to the user’s work, study, or living space.

Notwithstanding any of the provisions of this policy, the use of sound amplification devices is prohibited if the use violates applicable federal, state, or local law or ordinances.


The following procedures assist with ensuring compliance with the above policy:


Application for written permits shall be submitted to the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Operations at least ten (10) days prior to the intended use of the sound amplification equipment and shall provide the following information:

  1. The proposed hours, date and location where the equipment is to be used.
  2. The size of the anticipated audience and the reasons why the equipment is needed.
  3. A description of the proposed equipment that includes the manufacturer, model number, and wattage.
  4. The names of the owner of the equipment and of any person or persons, in addition to the person signing the application, who will be responsible for seeing that the equipment is operated in compliance with the terms of the permit and the provisions of this rule.


Complaints regarding amplified sound should be directed to the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Operations, 305 Jesse Hall, 882-7255 for determination if a permit was obtained and if actual use is in accordance with the permit. If it is determined that a permit was not obtained or that the use is not in accordance with the permit, the complaint will be forwarded to MUPD, (573) 882-7201.

If the use of the device or the amplification sound level does not comply with this policy or deviates from the permit purporting to authorize the use as to time, duration, location, or manner, the sound amplification shall be immediately brought into compliance with this policy and with any applicable permit.

If compliance with the policy or the permit is not forthcoming, any applicable permit shall be deemed to be revoked and the amplification must be turned off.


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CRR 110.040 Sound Amplification Devices

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