SOS Temporary Staffing

Chapter 1


Section: 1:170

SOS Temporary Staffing

Adopted: 11/1/2003

Revised: 01/01/2016

Responsible Offices MU Human Resource Services


SOS Temporary Staffing provides a temporary staffing program for all University of Missouri System departments, faculty, and staff. Fees are based on the complexity of the job duties performed by the temporary employees.

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The following procedures assist with ensuring compliance with the above policy:

Temporary assistance can be requested by university departments during staff shortages, peak workloads, special projects, or for any other temporary staffing needs. SOS can assist with a variety of needs ranging from traditional office support to light industrial work to more specialized skillsets.

Requesting Temporary Assistance

Request temporary assistance by completing an online request form at SOS Temporary Staffing (SOS). You will be asked to provide the dates for which you need help, job duties, qualifications and skills required, a MoCode for billing purposes, and contact information. Please call SOS Temporary Staffing at 882-7701 if you have questions or difficulty submitting the online request.

Within 24 hours of receiving the request for temporary assistance, an SOS placement specialist will contact you to further discuss department needs. SOS will refer qualified temporary candidates for your consideration. While SOS handles the recruitment effort, including application screening for your preferred qualifications, reference checks, criminal background checks, and skills testing, it is strongly recommended that departments interview prospective temporary staff. 

Once the temporary employee is selected, SOS will contact the department to confirm the start date and billing rate. If concerns arise during the course of the assignment, please contact SOS  via phone or email.

Temp to Hire

SOS offers a temp-to-hire program as an option for departments to hire benefit eligible employees without the traditional posting process. This arrangement offers immediate temporary assistance while also providing additional time to assess the temporary employee’s compatibility with department needs. When the department decides to offer a full time position to the temporary employee, SOS will assist with the transfer process. A two week notice is required and all SOS candidates are subject to the transfer criminal background check process.

Verifying Hours Worked

SOS employees report hours worked in myHR. The department supervisor must verify hours worked on a biweekly basis using a web-based program called TEMPS. It is the responsibility of each temporary staff member to report all hours worked before the end of each pay period. Temporary staff are paid on the same biweekly pay schedule as regular biweekly staff.


SOS Temporary Staffing electronically bills departments for wages plus a service charge. Cost estimates are provided at the time of the request.


Billing statements are sent via email at the end of each biweekly pay period.  Billing statements summarize employee names, hours worked, total amount charged, and the MoCode and account used to process charges. Users should review the billing statement carefully and notify SOS Temporary Staffing of any necessary modifications.  Note, all billing will appear as a charge under PeopleSoft account 708000.  

Transcription Services

SOS Temporary Staffing also offers audio transcription services.  Interviews, focus groups, and other audio recordings can be delivered via Secure TransmIT or by dropping off a recording to 1095 Virginia Avenue, Room 101. Turnaround time varies, and will depend on the number of outstanding files to be transcribed.  Files are completed on a first come, first served basis.  Estimates of fees and completion times are given upon request.  


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