Rental Vehicle Damage Insurance

August 2000
Chapter 9

Section: 9:020

Rental Vehicle Damage Insurance


Collision damage liability coverage is automatically provided by the University for all vehicles rented or leased by and for the University for official business. University policy requires that this coverage not be purchased from the rental companies for rentals made in the United States and Canada.

Collision Damage Waiver

The University will not reimburse a faculty or staff member for the purchase of a collision damage waiver for a vehicle rented for use while on University business in the United States or Canada. A faculty or staff member renting a vehicle outside the United States or Canada for use on University official business will be reimbursed for the purchase of a collision damage waiver.

Accidents Involving Rented Vehicles

All accidents involving a rental vehicle, regardless of the amount of damage, must be reported in accordance with the procedures in 8:040 Vehicle Accidents.

Vehicles Rented Using a University-Sponsored Corporate Charge Card

Call MasterCard (1-800- MC-ASSIST) within 30 days to report the claim and obtain a claim form.

  • Complete and sign the claim form. Attach all appropriate documentation, including a copy of MasterCard corporate card charge slip, rental agreement (front and back), accident or police report, car rental company’s bill of repair or estimate, and car rental company’s fleet utilization log (if loss of use charges are being claimed).
  • Send the completed claim form and documentation to MasterAssist.
NOTE: The accident also must be reported to the University [See 8:040 Vehicle Accidents].


UM Policy 13302 Insurance Coverages and Purchasing Insurance