Radioactive Materials

June 2007
Chapter 3

Section: 3:180

Radioactive Materials

Radioactive Materials

The purchase of radioactive materials shall be made only for those faculty or staff members having an active authorization issued by the University Radiation Safety Committee for the materials, quantity and form being requested.

Purchasing Radioactive Materials

A University One Card may be used to purchase radioactive materials only after receiving MU Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Radiation Safety Office approval following completion of a Request for Approval to Order Radioactive Material with One Card Only Form. This form must be completed for each individual vendor prior to placing any order. This form is available on the EHS website at

EXCEPTION: The Research Reactor can approve its own radioactive material purchases.

Purchases with a One Card

At the direction of an Authorized User, an MU staff member possessing a One Card may contact a vendor to place an order for radioactive material. The One Card holder must follow all Procurement Policies and Procedures, including but not limited to:

  • Assuring the vendor gives discounted pricing if an agreement exists between the University of Missouri-Columbia and the vendor.
  • Assuring that the purchase does not exceed the cardholder’s single purchase limit.
  • Assuring that the vendor is aware of the University Tax Exempt status.
  • Assuring the vendor is aware of the approved delivery address (see “Delivery of Radioactive Material”) below.
  • Assuring the staff member completing monthly purchasing card edits records the MU EHS Approval Job/Order Number in the PaymentNet Job Field and the description “Radioactive material” in the comments field for the purchase.

Requiring Purchase Order

Purchases that exceed purchasing card limits require completion of a PeopleSoft Purchasing Requisition. The requisition must note the Authorized User in the comments field. Procurement Services will fax a copy of the Working Requisition to the MU EHS Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) for approval before processing a Purchase Order. Upon approval, the RSO will return the signed requisition to Procurement Services.

Delivery of Radioactive Material

All radioactive material (except for the Research Reactor) must be delivered to the address below. The mailing label must include the Authorized User’s first and last name:

Radiation Safety Office
Environmental Health & Safety
180 General Services Building
University of Missouri-Columbia
Columbia, MO 65211
Attention: [Authorized User]

NOTE: Exceptions to the delivery point may only be made under special conditions upon prior approval of the EHS Radiation Safety Office and MU Procurement Services.
  • When an authorized user places an order by purchasing card or a purchasing requisition, the authorized user must advise the EHS Radiation Safety Office by telephone (882-7018) or fax (882-7940) prior to the delivery of the materials. The user must complete a Notification of Radioactive Material Order Form (form available at or verbally inform the EHS Radiation Safety Officer of the delivery date, isotope and total activity, and vendor.