Purchasing Livestock

August 2015

Chapter 3

Section: 3:135
Purchasing Livestock

All livestock purchases must be approved by UM Supply Chain in advance.

Purchasing Livestock from a Vendor or Individual

The requesting department must provide the following information for review and approval prior to the purchase:

  1. Complete name, address and phone number of the vendor or individual.
  2. A detailed justification for purchasing the livestock from the respective vendor or individual.
  3. A statement verifying that to the best of their knowledge the vendor or individual has no connection to the University of Missouri, or verification that the Conflict of Interest Committee (See Section 1:140 Conflict of Interest) has approved the purchase.
  4. Proof that the price to be paid is a fair market value (example: market survey notices). If circumstances or livestock requirements are such that the price is higher than the fair market value, an explanation must be provided.

Upon approval by UM Supply Chain, a Requisition should be entered into PeopleSoft.

Purchasing Livestock at Auction

The requesting department must contact UM Supply Chain with the auction details. Price paid at public auction is considered to be fair market value. Purchases may be made at auction for up to $100,000 per bid a Requisition should be entered into PeopleSoft.