Property Insurance

August 2000
Chapter 9

Section: 9:050

Property Insurance

All insurance purchases are coordinated by UM Management Services. For details on exact coverages for MU property, contact Division of Finance (573-882-7254), 311 Jesse Hall, Columbia, Missouri 65211.

Real Property

The buildings and contents that are identified in the policy schedule are insured against physical loss or damage of University real and personal property due to such perils as fire, windstorm, hail, smoke damage, breakage and other destruction. For details on exact coverages for MU property, contact Division of Finance, 311 Jesse Hall (882-7254).

Personal Property

An all-risk “personal” property insurance is provided for University-owned “personal” property, as well as certain real property that may not be covered under the University’s blanket property insurance policy described above. Participation is voluntary except for those “personal” properties that require insurance as a condition of a purchase, lease, grant, etc.

Property Eligible For Coverage

All business personal property is eligible except:

  • Any licensed vehicle.
  • Personal property and equipment owned by employees.
  • Animals/Creatures of any kind.
  • Real Property.
  • Data of any kind. (i.e., Diskettes would be covered by not the cost of recreating the data on the disks.)

The following are eligible for coverage but require prior notification to UM’s Office of Risk & Insurance Management:

  • Individual items with a value of $25,000 or higher.
  • Non-essential office equipment such as clocks, wall decorations, plants etc.
  • Fine art, rare books, or any other item on which the intrinsic value is significantly different from the actual cash value.
NOTE: Property listed above as not eligible can generally by insured in this program or other existing University programs after review by the UM Office of Risk & Insurance Management. For further information, please contact Division of Finance (882-7254), 311 Jesse Hall.

Cost to the Department

A premium is charged to the department.


For additional information, contact Division of Finance (882-7254), 311 Jesse Hall.

Fine Arts and Antiques

Insurance coverage is provided for art objects and antiques owned by the University, those held in trust, those in transit and those held for exhibition. For information on insurance coverage for specific arts and antiques, contact Division of Finance (882-7254).