Posting and Distributing Materials on Campus

Chapter 6

Section: 6:054

Posting and Distributing Materials on Campus

Adopted:  04/1998 (formally 1:070 Posting Materials on MU Property)
Revised:  06/01/2017; 08/01/2017; 08/18/2017; 11/12/2018; 10/08/2020

Responsible Office: Operations Administration


Posting and Distributing Materials on Campus


Posting materials on campus including distributing non-University publications outside and inside University buildings and facilities is permissible as described below.

This policy applies to all University of Missouri employees, students, University affiliates, contractors, and visitors who post or distribute materials on University property.

Additional policies regarding advertising and content are listed in the references below.

Non-University Publications

A non-University publication is any written or digitally produced material that is not officially published by the University or by a University-recognized student organization. This includes leaflets, handbills, and other types of written or digitally produced materials.

Distribution of non-University publications is permissible outside and inside buildings, if the following criteria are met:

1)     The material does not state or imply that it is connected with the University of Missouri.

2)     Distribution of materials does not constitute a violation of applicable state or federal laws.

3)     Outside: Materials are not distributed from untended receptacles or left in untended piles (e.g., leaflets left on vehicles are prohibited).

4)     Inside: Location, placement, and when distribution takes place inside a University building requires the approval of the Building Coordinator to ensure it does not detract from the building, and does not encourage waste or littering.

A list of current building coordinators can be found at MU Campus Facilities Building Coordinators

Classroom chalkboards or whiteboards

The University recognizes that student organizations, professors, and others regularly use chalkboards, whiteboards, etc. for educational purposes. Recognized student organizations may use classroom boards to post materials (this includes the use of chalk or non-permanent erasable markers) if the professor using the classroom during the time the messaging appears on the chalkboard or whiteboard approves such use of the chalkboards or whiteboards.

At the end of the approving professor’s time to use the classroom, the material should be removed by the student organization unless permission is given by the next professor utilizing the classroom. Anyone using chalkboards or whiteboards in classrooms during non-class times should erase the boards when they vacate the classrooms.

Bulletin Boards of Designated Areas

 All posters, signs, or other materials must be placed on bulletin boards or in designated areas.

    • Exterior bulletin boards are considered free bulletin boards for appropriate use; however, a priority of space will be given to University sponsored activities.
    • Interior bulletin boards are for appropriate materials and should be used after the material has been coordinated by the department or building coordinator in charge of the bulletin board.
  • Bulletin boards in residence halls are for posting official notices and announcements. All materials should be approved by the residence hall coordinator.

Other Areas

No posters, signs, or other articles shall be pasted, nailed, taped, stapled, or otherwise attached to any part of the interior or exterior (including windows and doors) of University buildings or light posts, telephone poles, trees, trash receptacles, or automobiles, except as approved by MU Operations; residence halls; Memorial Union or MU Student Center.


Placing and Removing Posted Material

The material should be posted not more than one week prior to the event or the beginning of ticket sales. After the event, the person or group who posted the material is responsible for removing it within 24-48 hours.


Violations of this policy may be considered acts of vandalism and will be subject to appropriate action.


Cross References

BPPM 6:056 Chalking on University Property

CRR 170.040 Commercial/Promotional Use of University

CRR 170.050 Media Advertising