Out of Office Data Network

October 2012
Chapter 13

Section: 13:250

Out of Office Data Network

University departments often have a business need for out of office data networks. Departments are responsible for identifying those employees who require the use of out of office data networks in order to carry out their assigned duties. The guidance below applies:

Ongoing Business Need

When there is a documented ongoing business need for Internet service at a non-work location (e.g., home), when funds are available, and with the appropriate approval, the University may pay for this Internet service.

The Internet service level must be in accordance with the business need. Any personal use must be incidental and must not add to the cost of the service. Written documentation of the business need, and justification for the service level must be prepared and agreed to by the employee and the appropriate approving official. A copy of the approval must be included with each payment request when payment is made using non-po voucher.

In some circumstances a department may determine that as a condition of employment an employee will obtain out of office Internet service for use in University business, at the employee’s expense. This must be documented and agreed to by the employee.

Occasional Business Need

When there is an occasional business need for this service, such as for a business trip, the department may purchase or provide temporary Internet services for the employee, or may pay a pro rata share of the cost of the employee’s personal Internet service based on University business usage. It is the responsibility of the department head to verify that the amount paid by the University is in proportion to the use for University business.

Division Responsibilities

  • Vice Chancellors, Deans, Hospital Chief Executive Officer, or designees should approve ongoing business need.
  • Deans, Directors, Department Chairs, or Department Managers should approve occasional business need.
  • Monitor usage on a regular basis for policy compliance, continued business need and appropriate use.
  • At least annually, confirm that the business need for the out of office internet service still exists and review existing plans to ensure they represent the best available plan given the business use.
  • Maintain a log of University employees receiving ongoing out of office internet services.
  • Ensure that when an employee changes departments or leaves the University, service is cancelled or transferred to the new department.

Devices with Internet Capabilities

When a device has Internet capabilities, the rules for Out of Office Internet Service apply to the Internet Service. In circumstances where this device has wireless phone capabilities, and/or there is an incremental charge for usage, the rules for personal use stated in the Cellular/Wireless Phones policies apply.