Obtaining Property from Missouri State Agency for Surplus Property

August 2015

Chapter 6
Section: 6:030
Obtaining Property from Missouri State Agency for Surplus Property and Federal GSA Auctions

All purchases of property and equipment from the Missouri State Agency for Surplus Property should be coordinated by UM Supply Chain, Surplus Property. This includes State surplus, as well as items from the Federal Surplus Property Program which is administered by the Missouri State Agency for Surplus Property.

Authority & Responsibility for Purchases

UM Supply Chain, Surplus Property is responsible for coordinating purchases of property through the Federal Surplus Property Program, and is empowered to authorize other University personnel to sign for and take receipt of property from the Missouri State Agency for Surplus Property.

  • A 10 percent administrative fee is added to University department purchases from the Missouri State Agency for Surplus Property by MU , Surplus Property to cover processing costs.

Conditions Governing Acquisition and Use

  • Surplus property may be acquired only for educational or research purpose within the State of Missouri. Any acquisition for purposes of resale or other use is prohibited.
  • All surplus property having a single item acquisition cost of $3,000 or more to the U.S. Government, regardless of its cost to the University, and all motor vehicles:
    • Must be placed in use for the purpose for which acquired, no later than 12 months after acquisition.
    • Must be used for the purpose for which acquired, for a period of not less than 18 months, except aircraft which is to be used for a period of not less than five years.
    • May not be sold, traded, leased, loaned, bailed, cannibalized or dissembled for secondary purposes or otherwise deposed, or removed from the State of Missouri during the specific period of use without prior written approval of the Federal Government.
    • May be transferred between departments during the specified period of use only if the property will be used for purposes similar to those for which it was originally acquired.
  • All non-expendable, surplus property which had a single item cost to the U.S. Government, meeting University inventory requirements, must be assigned a University inventory number and charged to the inventory account of the receiving department.

NOTE: All such property must be handled as any other University inventoried property. [See 6:010 Inventory.]

Obtaining Vehicles at General Services Administration (GSA) Auction

The U.S General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Service holds public auction of federal vehicles approximately every month. Vehicles are generally domestic models that are three to seven years old. Mileage is low to average and the condition is almost always better than average due to regular maintenance under federal ownership.
Departments wishing to purchase vehicles through the GSA auction should contact UM Supply Chain, Surplus Property. Bids will be placed at auction with price guidelines provided by the respective department. A 3% Surplus Property administrative fee will be added to the final purchase price. Departments must provide to Surplus Property the appropriate MoCode from which to transfer the purchase price plus the 3% fee. This information should be provided within one week of purchase.
Vehicles must be picked up at the auction location, currently in Springfield, MO, by the requesting department within four days following the respective auction. A pick-up receipt will be provided by Surplus Property. At pick-up, a United States Government Certificate to obtain title to a vehicle will be given to the purchasing department in order to obtain a Missouri title. This official paperwork should be kept in the respective vehicle during the return trip to the University. Department must have the vehicle inspected, then contact Asset Management (882-5053) to apply for new, or to transfer existing, license plates.