Moving Allowance

Chapter 2

Section: 2:230

Moving Expenses

Effective: 11/2009; 08/01/2018

Revised: 08/17/2016; 08/01/2018

Responsible Office
Division of Finance


University departments may offer moving allowances for new employees when in the best interest of the University. For current employees, a moving allowance may be authorized when it is in the best interest of the University to move a current employee from one campus or location to another.


Per Collected Rules and Regulations, Section 360:111: Moving Allowance:

  1. Policy for offers made prior to August 1, 2018Effective December 31, 2017 IRS changes prevent taxpayers from deducting moving expenses. MU  Moving Expenses Process Document should be used for any offer of moving expenses signed prior to August 1, 2018.
  2. Policy after August 1, 2018Moving allowances are not to exceed five percent (5%) of the employee’s annual salary or $10,000, whichever is less. In special circumstances the President, Vice President, Chancellor, Hospital Chief Executive Officer, or designee, may authorize payment in excess of 5% or $10,000 for actual moving expenses.
  3. Authorizations: Moving allowances are not an entitlement and will not be authorized in all circumstances. Departments may also limit moving allowances to less than the maximum amount allowed by policy. Prior to making an offer of a moving allowance to a new or current employee, the allowance must be authorized by the President, Vice President, Chancellor, Hospital Chief Executive Officer, or designee.
  4. RepaymentAs a condition of receiving a moving allowance, new and current employees must sign an agreement requiring repayment of the allowance.
  5. Processing Payments for Authorized Moving Expenses
    1. To process payments before August 1, 2018, refer to MU Moving Expenses Process Document.
    2. To process moving expense payments after August 1, 2018, payment of moving allowance to employee will occur through Payroll (utilizing ePAF – Additional Pay). See links under Resources below.