Media Relations

Chapter 5

Section: 5:090

Media Relations

Adopted:  04/2005
Revised:  08/01/2017; 10/26/2020

Responsible Office
Marketing and Communications – News Bureau


The MU News Bureau exists as a service to faculty, staff and students who are approached by media, or who are interested in gaining publicity in their areas.

MU News Bureau staff members are designated to speak on the university’s behalf, responding to questions about the university’s programs, people and policies, and to assist faculty, staff and students who also may be acting in a similar role or wish to promote their accomplishments to the local, state and national media.


MU News Bureau Services

For professional media relations counsel and related assistance, please contact the MU News Bureau (573-882-6211), 329 Jesse Hall. Services offered by the MU News Bureau include:

  • Publicizing newsworthy activities or events to the news media through a variety of tools.
  • Helping faculty and staff understanding the news media’s needs and assisting with responses (if requested).
  • Initiating/disseminating announcements of campus news.
  • Fielding questions from media, and helping reporters connect with the appropriate individual(s).
  • Counseling/assisting campus experts in dealing with media (when requested).
  • Providing guidance on how to arrange for photographs or videotaping to enhance stories as necessary.
  • Acting as media spokespersons when appropriate to express positions on behalf of the university administration.

If you are approached by a media person

If you wish to receive counsel from the MU News Bureau before you respond, feel free to postpone your response until you have had time to reflect further or to seek consultation.

  • Faculty and staff who wish to provide personal comments on issues related to the university should make it clear to the reporter that they are speaking on their own behalf and not as representatives of MU or any other university employees, offices or organizations.

Crisis Communications

During times of crisis, it is important to have a single source handling response to the media. A flow of accurate information is sustained and the tide of rumors/misinformation is stemmed when there is one point of contact for media response. In time of emergency or other crises, please refer inquires to the MU News Bureau (573-882-6211), 329 Jesse Hall.


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