Maintaining the PeopleSoft Organization Tree

Chapter 2

Section: 2:020

Maintaining the PeopleSoft Organization Tree

Adopted:  12/2003
Revised:  08/09/2016

Responsible Office
Division of Finance


In PeopleSoft, there are trees for the Finance, Human Resources (HR) and Student applications. These trees, which represent the campus’ organization structure, serve many functions, such as security in HR, Budget and the Finance Web Applications as well as reporting in Finance.

Updating and keeping the tree in sync is critical. Division of Finance-Accounting and Budget, Human Resources (HR), Institutional Research (IR) and Student Information Systems (SIS) have overall responsibility for this process. The current tree is University of Missouri PS Organization Tree.


Making Requests

The process to add, inactivate/delete or move a node or change a node description is:

  • The vice chancellor designee submits a Request for PeopleSoft Organization Tree Changes (see Resources below) via email to MU ACCTG mailbox.
  • The above named offices collectively review the request and determine what changes to the tree are appropriate.
  • Division of Finance-Accounting forwards approved changes to the appropriate UM System office to make changes to the trees.
  • Once a change is made, one of the reviewing offices notifies the requestor.
  • As needed, the requestor sends security changes to HR, Division of Finance-Accounting, PAFs to HR.

Timing of Changes

Changes to trees are made using effective dating. Each tree is effective dated the first of the month in which it is created. Once UM System receives changes from Division of Finance-Accounting, the changes will be made as soon as practical. Changes to each application’s tree are normally made once a month. Changes to the Finance tree cannot be made until the current month closes.



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