Long-Distance Telephone Services

August 2015
Chapter 13
Section: 13:320
Long-Distance Telephone Services

Long-Distance Telephone Services

This policy covers the use of:

  • Long-distance services
  • Commercial pre-paid calling cards

Long-Distance Services

Departments utilizing 882, 884, and/or 771 exchange lines are provided long-distance service from the Division of Information Technology.

Departments are responsible for reviewing long-distance charges. BPPM 2:005, Fiscal Oversight Checklist details the oversight required for financial transactions that have been properly authorized.

NOTE: Report billing discrepancies, suspected fraud or other problems to the Division of Information Technology at 882-2000.

Commercial Pre-Paid Calling Cards

In certain instances, it may be beneficial to use pre-paid calling cards to conduct University business. In such situations, departments are responsible for determining when an employee needs a pre-paid calling card and ensuring that the pre-paid calling card is used solely for University business.

Departments should be aware of the following issues related to the use of pre-paid calling cards:

  • Most pre-paid calling cards do not provide call detail.
  • Lost or stolen cards are not recoverable and as such, minutes left on a card will also be lost.
  • Cards typically have stipulations such as expiration dates, surcharges and billing minute increments.

Obtaining Pre-Paid Calling Cards

Pre-paid calling cards can be obtained through the following process:

  • For cards that provide call detail, departments may use their Purchasing Card. Departments should print the monthly detailed reports and distribute to each individual for verification of calling card calls.
  • For cards that do not provide call detail, departments may purchase cards only at Sam’s Club, which requires use of a University purchase order and the following procedures:
    • The department should submit an online requisition to Procurement Services indicating the number of cards, the stock numbers, current unit price, and brief item description. Additionally, the requisition must list the employees who will be assigned the cards. Approval of the requisition represents the department’s authorization of the employee’s use of the card.
      • Once the requisition is received, Procurement Services creates a purchase order and notifies the department when it is ready. The department hand carries the original copy of the purchase order to the Service Desk at Sam’s Club and obtains the pre-paid phone cards.
      • Employees who receive a pre-paid phone card must maintain a log of long-distance calls placed against the card. The log must include the name of the person called, the date of the call, the area code and number called, and the duration and purpose of the call. The employee must submit the telephone log to his/her supervisor for review on a monthly basis. Every reasonable effort must be made to safeguard the prepaid phone card and PIN number from unauthorized use. Loss or theft of a pre-paid phone card must be immediately reported to the employee’s supervisor and noted on the log.
      • Pre-paid phone cards may not be recharged.