IT Resource Password Security

August 2007
Chapter 13

Section: 13:150

IT Resource Password Security

Individual Accounts

The Division of Information Technology will establish, implement, manage and modify password requirements for central IT resources as required and as supported by industry standards. The Division of Information Technology may implement password change/reset processes in order to ensure compliance with password security standards.

Administrator Accounts – Personal Computers

Because of the risk involved with compromised administrator accounts, it is imperative that users of the campus data network use a strong password for their personal computer administrator account. Administrator account password requirements must minimally meet the current password requirements for individual accounts.

System Administrator Accounts – Servers

Because of the risk associated with compromised servers, it is imperative that system administrators maintain very strong passwords that meet or exceed MU’s current password standards set for individual accounts. Additionally, system administrator passwords should be changed frequently.


Go to the Division of Information Technology Password Safety Web page for information about password requirements as well as online tools to change individual account passwords.

Contact the IT Help Desk at 882-5000 for questions about password safety or for instructions on how to change passwords.

Departmental IT professionals can also assist faculty and staff in resetting or changing passwords.