Incidental Expenses

Chapter 2

Section: 2:280

Incidental Expenses

Adopted:  03/2008
Revised:  08/18/2016; 11/05/2018

Responsible Office
Division of Finance


When there is a documented business reason, expenditures of University-administered funds can be made for items listed below with approval from the chancellor, chancellor’s employees or their direct reports, unless others are specified in the following sections.

Expanded definition and information for this policy is available under Resources below.


The following procedures assist with achieving compliance with the above policies:

Personal Reimbursement

Any use of personal funds with subsequent reimbursement is highly discouraged. However, an employee may make a purchase from personal funds and request reimbursement through PeopleSoft Travel and Expense Module under the following exceptional circumstance: An occasional purchase where it was not feasible or practical to make the purchase with a Purchasing Card, by direct bill, or on a purchase order.

Documentation required for reimbursement of personal funds includes:

  • The original receipt; sales tax must be deducted as applicable.
  • A statement that it is University property.
  • An explanation as to why the Procurement Card was not used for payment.
    • Division business & finance officer approval.
  • All documentation is subject to review and approval by the Division of Finance-Accounting.

The Procurement Card is the preferred method for making small purchases and should be considered the primary alternative to requesting personal reimbursement for purchases.

Alcoholic Beverages

At times there are legitimate purposes for expenditures for alcoholic beverages related to the promotion of the interests of the University. A statement explaining how this expenditure benefits the University must be shown on each transaction that requests payment of, or reimbursement for, alcoholic beverages.


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