Illuminated Devices on Campus

Chapter 6

Section: 6:051

Illuminated Devices on Campus

Revised:  06/01/2017

Responsible Office
MU Operations


The use of flashing or rotating lights, or illuminated moving signs, in University buildings or on any University grounds or site is not allowed unless granted permission as outlined in this policy. This policy applies to all University of Missouri employees, students, University affiliates, contractors and visitors.

This policy is a health and safety regulation applicable to the use of University facilities and grounds. Expanded definition and information is available under Resources below.


Flashing or rotating lights or illuminated moving signs (“ILLUMINATED DEVICES”) includes, but is not limited to, lighting-display features and functions, whether powered by electrical or non-electrical means, that involve continuous scrolling and/or traveling, flashing, spinning, rotating, or similar moving effects, and all dynamic frame effects or patterns of illusionary movement or simulation of movement.

Permissible Uses 

The use of illuminated devices in University buildings or on any University grounds or site is allowed if any of the following criteria is met:

1)     The level of illumination is not disruptive and does not impair health or safety. Examples of illuminated devices that do not require written permits for their use include: general purpose flashlights, smartphone flashlight apps, bicycle lights, motor vehicle lights (when the vehicle is being operated on streets or other places designated for vehicles), string lights, light ropes, and camera flash devices.

2)     The use is by a law enforcement officer or other government officer or official with responsibility for any aspect of public health and safety.

3)     A written permit approving such use is issued by MU Operations (882-7255), 305 Jesse Hall.


The following procedures assist with ensuring compliance with the above policy:


Written permits shall specify the time, duration, location, and manner for which the proposed use of an illumination device is authorized. 

Any individual, department, or organization planning to use an illumination device in circumstances where uncertainty exists about whether the planned use will fall within the permissible use is encouraged to apply for a written permit. 


Complaints regarding illumination devices should be directed to the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Operations, 305 Jesse Hall, 882-7255. Upon receipt of a complaint about an illumination device, this office shall determine whether the use of the device complies with this policy. 

If the use of the device does not comply with this policy or deviates from the permit purporting to authorize the use as to time, duration, location, or manner, the use of the illumination device shall be immediately brought into compliance with this policy and with any applicable permit. 

If compliance with the policy and the permit is not forthcoming, any applicable permit shall be deemed to be revoked and/or a University official acting with authority or MUPD may turn off the illumination device.


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