Chapter 2

Section: 2:130


Adopted:  03/2005
Revised:  07/13/2017
Updated: 12/11/2020; 12/18/2023

Responsible Offices
Division of Finance


The University solicits and receives gifts from a variety of sources and for a variety of purposes. The Vice Chancellor for Advancement and Alumni Relations oversees this process. All solicitation plans require approval of the Advancement Services Office.

Expanded definition and information for this policy is available under Resources below.


A gift is defined as cash or items of value that are given to the University for which the donor does not receive any benefit in return.


The following procedures assist with ensuring compliance with the above policy:

Cash/Checks Gifts

All cash/check gifts are recorded in the Advancement Clearing MoCode C4779 and account 480050 by completing a Cash Receipts Report CRR as applicable. (See Resources below.) Preparers should complete the Advice of Gift section on the Gift CRR and take the original check and CRR to Division of Finance-Cashiers for deposit (or direct deposit if appropriate).

Send a copy of the CRR, copies of the check, and copies of any correspondence to gift processing in Advancement Records Management (ARM) at 407 Reynolds Alumni Center or email copies to Please send envelopes documenting the postmark for tax receipting purposes for all gifts received in December and January only. These copies must be received by ARM before the gift can be recorded in the Advance System. Only after the gift has been recorded will a journal entry be prepared by the ARM office to move the money from the Advancement Clearing MoCode to the MoCode designated on the Advice of Gift Section of the Gift CRR.

Securities Gifts

Deliver any stock certificates or other securities received as gifts to Office of Gift Planning and Endowments at 302 Reynolds Alumni Center for processing. If the gifts will be received electronically notify Office of Gift Planning and Endowments (email: with the following information:

  • Donor’s name
  • Name of stock
  • Number of shares
  • Chartfield to receive the gift credit

Treasurer’s Office processes the gift and records it in the general ledger.

Real Property (land, homes, farms, etc.)

Notify the Office of Gift Planning and Endowments, who notifies the appropriate individuals in the ARM office. The ARM office coordinates with Division of Finance office for an evaluation of the proposed gift. After the gift is accepted, the ARM office records the gift in their Advance System and the general ledger.

Gifts in Kind (books, equipment, art treasures, coin collections, etc.)

Complete “Advice of Gift Received” UM9A, attach Fair Market Value (FMV) information from the donor, and forward to the ARM office at 407 Reynolds Alumni Center or  email to no later than 24 hours after receipt. The ARM office records the gift in their system, which feeds an entry to the general ledger.



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