General Records Management Practices

March 1999
Chapter 10

Section: 10:010

General Records Management Practices

Records Management – General Information

University of Missouri System Policies
·      Records General Policy 23001
·      Storage and Disposal of University Records 23002


University Records Management policies are contained in the University of Missouri System Policies.  Each department, in coordination with Records Management, shall promote sound records management practices.

Records Management

Records Retention requirements for all University Records and documents (regardless of media) will be collectively determined by the UM Director of Records Management, the Campus Archivist, the Internal Auditing Representative, and General Counsel.


Official Records shall not be destroyed or otherwise disposed of by any University officer or employee on their own initiative.  Destruction of Records must be in compliance with the University’s approved Records Retention and Disposition schedules.


All employees should be made aware of their responsibilities and receive training in the use and management of Records appropriate for their role and work duties. When an employee leaves a department or the University, the department head is responsible for ensuring that the departing employee’s Records, including their electronic Records, are transferred to another employee, destroyed following appropriate retention requirements or transferred to Archives.


Related Information

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Missouri Sunshine Law (RSMo 610)

All policies applied generally at the University are expressly applicable to the electronic environment.

Relevant institutional policies include, but are not limited to:

Relevant State of Missouri laws and guidelines include, but are not limited to:


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