Forms Management

May 2004
Chapter 11

Section: 11:010

Forms Management

Each department, in coordination with University Forms Management, shall promote sound forms management practices.

Forms Management supervises the University System Forms Management program, but does not have any direct responsibilities for MU or department forms. However, it does provide advice to departments on forms analysis and/or design.

For Assistance

Contact Forms Management (882-5459), 2910 LeMone Blvd., for assistance. Forms Management will:

  • Meet with departmental personnel to identify and analyze information needs, information flow, continuity, and readability in order to facilitate the design/revision of forms, whether system, campus or department.
  • Coordinate revision of existing System forms with appropriate University departments.
  • Design/draft forms and issue specifications for the design of System forms.
  • Develop and modify electronic forms.
  • As needed, coordinate printing of new System forms and replacement inventory for established System forms.
  • Maintain appropriate listings and records of System forms.