Fees: Payroll Off-Cycle Payments & Accounting Express Checks

Chapter 2

Section: 2:071

Fees: Payroll Off-Cycle Payments & Accounting Express Checks

Adopted: 7/1/2016
Updated: 6/11/2021

Responsible Offices
MU HR/Payroll – Director of HR/Payroll Operations
MU Division of Finance – Director of Accounting


Requests for payroll off-cycle payments and accounting express checks that are separate from the regular payment cycles will be assessed a $100.00 fee per request. The processing of such payments are costly to the University; thus, the fee is intended to cover those costs and to motivate departments to significantly reduce the volume of such requests. The fee should not be passed on to the employee.

This applies to all sources of funding and departments.


Off-cycle payment – An “off-cycle payment“ is a salary and wage payment that is processed at times other than the normal payroll release dates. For more information about off-cycle payments, visit the references noted below.

Express checks – An “express check“ is identified as a request to receive a check for a payment request on the same day the voucher is approved by the department/division required fiscal approvers. For more information about express checks, visit the references noted below.


  1. The department requesting either an off-cycle payment from payroll or an express check from accounting will complete a request form (see resources below) which will include the following information:
    • Purpose or reason for an exception to the regular payment cycle
    • MoCode to charge the processing fee
    • Authorized account approval
    • Other information necessary to ensure proper payment and documentation of fee

    Note: There may be times when such requests will be granted without assigning a processing fee. Following are examples of situations where the fee may be waived:

    Off-cycle payments (payroll)

    • HR/Payroll Operations, Central Payroll or confirmation errors
    • Non-resident alien special payments
    • Legal obligations such as settlements, involuntary terminations, etc.
    • Other as approved by the Associate Director of HR/Payroll Operations

    Express checks (acctg)

    • Division of Finance delays or errors
    • Payroll ACH rejects
    • Legal obligations such as settlements, property purchase deadlines, etc.
    • Other as approved by the Director of Accounting
  2. Off-cycle payment request form should be attached to the ePAF whenever possible. Otherwise, it should be emailed to the appropriate CAPS mailbox. Express Check request form is attached to the payment request and e-mail notification sent to MUACCTG mailbox.
  3. The payments are processed based on regular published processing deadlines.
  4. Once a month, the Division of Finance will process all approved $100.00 fees. The account charged will be the MoCode identified on the form(s) submitted. Keep in mind that grants and other restricted funds cannot be charged this fee; therefore, an unrestricted account code must be submitted with the request.

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