Disposal of Computer Systems

August 2015

Chapter 13

Section: 13:160
Data Security – Disposal of Computer Systems

Disposal of all computer systems must be processed through Surplus Property as established by MU policy 6:020, “Property, Equipment & Facilities.” Computer systems include but are not limited to desktop and laptop computers, servers, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and cell phones that are also PDAs.

In order to ensure compliance with state, federal and local guidelines related to the elimination of data and the safe disposal of such devices, Surplus Property has established specific procedures for disposal of computer systems. Campus departments must not dispose of computer systems or monitors except through Surplus Property.

In support of those processes, departments must use the following guidelines before transferring computer systems to Surplus Property:

  • Destruction of a hard drive (or otherwise rendering a computer system unusable) should only be utilized in very limited circumstances. Destruction of hard drives eliminates the University’s ability to receive a surplus value for a system and can actually create a financial liability. In order to insure unusable systems are disposed of properly, a handling fee may be incurred by any department that transfers such systems to Surplus Property.
  • Campus departments must clean system hard drives at least once prior to sending systems to Surplus Property. In order for a system to be considered “clean” all data must be removed from the system’s storage media using sanitization products and processes that meet the U.S. Department of Defense DOD 5220.22-M standard.

Computer equipment sent to Surplus Property for disposal must be accompanied by a completed Form UM-27. This form may be found on the web at http://www.umsystem.edu/media/fa/management/records/forms/other/um27.xls


Contact Surplus Property at 882-5053 or visit their Web site at http://surplus.missouri.edu/.
Contact the Division of Information Technology at doit@missouri.edu for questions related to this policy or for assistance in obtaining tools to clean system hard drives.