Data Network Services

August 2007
Chapter 13

Section: 13:200

Data Network Services

The campus data network is vital to many of MU’s teaching, research and business activities. Coordination of infrastructure components and network services is essential to maintaining a network capable of supporting these activities. Compliance with applicable laws and University policy must also be monitored and enforced.

The Divison of Information Technology is responsible for the design, operation and management of the campus data network and associated services. This includes the following specific areas of responsibility:

  • Determining the protocols that will be supported by the network.
  • Defining and implementing campus standards needed for the efficient function and security of the network.
  • Procuring, installing and maintaining all campus data network equipment including wireless networks.
  • Applying network management policies.

Any use of the campus data network that negatively affects the performance of the network, or is in violation of the law or University policy, will result in necessary measures that include but are not limited to filtering and/or disconnection.

The Division of Information Technology may also filter or disconnect any systems or networks that present an immediate security risk to the network or to other systems.