Data Network Access

March 2009
Chapter 13

Section: 13:210

Data Network Access

ADOPTED: 03/2009
REVISED: 03/15/2022
RESPONSIBLE: Division of Information Technology

The Division of Information Technology is responsible for providing all campus network services. Network ports that allow faculty and staff to connect to the campus data network are generally available in all on-campus academic and administrative buildings. The Division of Information Technology also provides network equipment and services to many off-campus locations within the City of Columbia and within Boone County. Individual campus departments are prohibited from installing their own network equipment.


The Division of Information Technology will provide, at no charge, up to two active data ports in centrally scheduled classrooms/auditoriums with a capacity of 100 or more and one active network connection for classrooms with a capacity of less than 100. Additional ports can be installed/activated at the requesting department’s expense. Review DOIT Centrally Scheduled Classroom Network Connectivity Policy for additional information.


All devices requiring access to the network must have a separate data port. The use of shared network devices is not permitted. Departments will incur one-time charges for installation or modification of network services.  Departmental heads and/or division business & finance officers must review billing on a monthly basis to ensure that charges are accurate.

Problem Reporting

The network is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Technicians are available to respond to a specific department or building network problems after hours when accompanied by the departmental IT professional.


Requests for service additions, changes, or deletions must be made through the Division of IT DoIT Service Portal application. See Mizzou TigerNet Wired Network Access for information on valid cluster arrangements. Faculty and staff should contact their departmental IT professional to report network problems prior to contacting the Help Desk. Departmental IT professionals can report problems to the IT Help Desk at 882-5000 or by contacting the Operations Center. Call 882-2000 to request a consultation or to address billing questions.