Chapter 2

Section: 2:010


Adopted:  06/2003
Revised:  08/01/2016; 10/30/2018

Responsible Office
Division of Finance


All financial resources and transactions administered by the University are accounted for and expended from established Chartfields in the PeopleSoft general ledger.


The following procedures assist with ensuring compliance with the above policy:

Establishing a New Chartfield

Office of Sponsored Program Administration establishes new Chartfields for sponsored research at the time the related grant or contract is authorized. Division of Finance-Accounting approves and establishes all other Chartfields. Division business & finance officers can request a new Chartfield by submitting a Chartfield request form in PeopleSoft Finance that will be routed to the Division of Finance-Accounting.

NOTE: If the Chartfield is for a new recharge center or a new operation that will
have external sales, an additional form, available from Division of
Finance-Accounting is required.

Changing an Existing Chartfield

Division business & finance officers can request changes to an existing Chartfield by an e-mail to the MU ACCTG mailbox in the Division of Finance-Accounting.


A MoCode represents a set of Chartfields. MoCode is used most often in feeder systems, in certain PeopleSoft modules, and in PeopleSoft Web Applications to populate the Chartfields that the MoCode represents. MoCode is also used in PeopleSoft Payroll as part of the account code to which payroll expenses are charged. Authorized individuals can create and modify MoCodes.



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