Cable TV

March 2009
Chapter 13

Section: 13:410

Cable TV

Cable television (CATV) service is available for educational, administrative and entertainment purposes. Departments located on campus must obtain CATV service from the Division of Information Technology.

Departments will incur monthly charges for the services utilized and may incur one-time charges for installation or modification of services. Estimates for recurring and non-recurring charges will be provided upon request. Departmental heads and/or fiscal officers must review billing details monthly for CATV services to ensure that charges are accurate and appropriate.

Cable Television Signal Leakage Testing Program

The Division of Information Technology technicians use specialized equipment to detect signal leakage that may cause aeronautical radio interference and poor picture quality. Signal leakage is mainly caused by damaged cable and poor connections. Signal leakage problems are repaired free of charge for all authorized outlets. If technicians are prevented from repairing leakage sources, service will be disconnected until repairs are permitted.

Unauthorized Installations

Departments other than the Division of Information Technology are not authorized to install CATV outlets or to extend CATV infrastructure beyond an individual outlet. Unauthorized modifications to the CATV system may have an adverse technical impact resulting in violations of FCC regulations or breach of contractual licensing arrangements between the University and commercial CATV service providers.

Unauthorized installations will be disconnected and the offending department will be charged for time associated with disconnections and/or repairs.


Go to the Division of Information Technology Cable TV Web site or call 882-2000 for more information about CATV service.

Requests for service must be made through the Division of IT’s MyServices application.

Contact the IT Help Desk at 882-5000 to report problems.