Budget Development and Revision

February 2004
Chapter 2

Section: 2:200

Budget Development and Revision

Budget development and revisions are done online through the PeopleSoft Finance application. Except as noted below, budget entries are the responsibility of the division and do not require approval by the Division of Finance.

Authorization to Enter Budget

The Division of Finance-Budget establishes access to the budget module. Division business & finance officers have the authority to access the module for their division and can request access for additional individuals.

Initial Budget for Fiscal Year

Divisions must enter their initial budgets by the deadline set by the System/Division of Finance-Budget Office.

Current Year Budget Revision

Divisions have access to modify their budgets online, except that transfers across divisions should be requested from the Division of Finance-Budget on a Request for Change in Budget Form (UM161).

Change in Recurring Budget

To modify a base budget for future fiscal years, the division business & finance officer must submit a “Request for Change in Budget (UM161)” to the Division of Finance-Budget.