Agency Funds

Chapter 2

Section: 2:036

Agency Funds

Adopted:  02/2004
Revised:  01/2017

Responsible Office
Division of Finance


In certain situations, the University has custody of funds that belong to other entities. In these cases the funds should be accounted for in an agency chartfield. Examples of this agency relationship include:

  • University personnel serving as an officer of a professional organization.
  • Deposit accounts.
  • Loan funds where the University holds loan funds from other entities.
  • Exchange programs.
  • A non-University conference where University personnel host and arrange the conference.
  • Affiliated organizations, such as The Missourian and the University Club.


The following procedures assist with ensuring compliance with the above policy:

The responsible person(s) should request an agency set of chartfields through their division business & finance officer. The request should include the following information:

  • The name, address, and purpose of the outside entity
  • The University personnel associated with this activity and their role or position with the entity
  • The source(s) of funds (fees, dues, etc.) and their intended use (conference expenses, publications, mailings, etc.).
  • The expected timeframe of this activity.The disposition of any funds that remain at the conclusion of the activity.
  • A copy of the entity’s tax status from the Internal Revenue Service.
  • A copy of the entity’s tax-exempt letter if the entity is exempt from sales tax.
  • A copy of any contracts between the University and the entity.
  • Any requirements of obligations imposed by the entity.