MU Environmental Health and Safety Policy

March 2011
Chapter 7

Section: 7:001

MU Environmental Health and Safety Policy

The University of Missouri (MU) has an inescapable obligation to furnish facilities and an environment that will provide reasonable protection from injury and property damage for employees, students and the public and to be a good steward of funds coming into its possession and to preserve its assets [UM Policy 21101].


All faculty, staff, and students shall comply with the applicable environmental health and safety rules and regulations of all federal, state and local regulatory agencies. MU will strive to use, as program guidelines, applicable National Consensus Standards or Codes. However, the use of such Standards or Codes as program guidelines shall not be construed as a formal, voluntary acceptance of or a decision to at all times comply with such Standards or Codes. In unusual situations where the University is exempt from regulatory jurisdiction due to its status as a government entity, faculty, staff, and students still have an obligation for knowledge of the risk and meeting the intent of the regulations.


The Chancellor has delegated through the Vice Chancellor for Operations to Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) the responsibility for developing and implementing programs to ensure that MU is in compliance with all applicable environmental health and safety regulations and provides a safe work environment for faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

In case of life safety matters or imminent danger to life or health, the Director of EHS or designee has the authority to order the cessation of the activity until the hazardous condition is abated or adequate measures are taken to minimize exposure to the campus community and the public from such a condition.


In order for this policy to be effective, it will be necessary for all employees, particularly those who supervise other employees or are responsible for University assets, to actively participate in creating a safe and healthful environment. Employees also have the responsibility for bringing this policy to the attention of visitors, as appropriate.


Nothing contained in this policy shall be interpreted or otherwise construed to mean that the sovereign immunity of the University is being waived in whole or in part.

For additional information about any safety or health related policy or guideline, refer to the EHS web site or call EHS at 882-7018.