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Business Policy and Procedure Manual
University of Missouri-Columbia
August 2000
Chapter 6
Section: 6:090
Parking on Campus

Parking on Campus

All students, faculty and staff members, and all other persons on University property must abide by University parking regulations.

Parking Regulations and Maps

The complete listing of Traffic and Parking Regulations is published annually. The regulations and maps of campus parking facilities are available from Parking & Transportation Services (882-4568), Turner Avenue Garage, Level 2, or University Police (882-7201), 5 General Services Building.

Parking Permits

All persons electing to use MU parking lots or structures during hours restricted for use by holders of paid parking permits are required to obtain and display the appropriate permit.
  • The permit is issued only for the assigned parking lot or structure.
  • The permit is valid only for use by the individual to whom is was issued.
  • A hangtag must be clearly visible and hanging from the interior rear view mirror of the vehicle with the appropriate lot sticker facing the front of the vehicle, or
  • A sticker permit must be placed on the left rear bumper.

Disabled Parking

Applicants for disable parking must present a state-issued disabled tag or proof or a disabled vehicle license. Parking and Transportation Services will issue a placard that must be displayed with state-issued tag. The individual will be responsible for the normal University parking fee.
  • If the applicant does not have a state-authorized tag, the applicant's physician must complete form MO860-0412. The completed form must then be taken to a Department of Revenue office to acquire the State tag. Parking and Transportation Services will issue a temporary parking permit for a maximum of five days to allow the applicant to get a tag from the State.
  • Vehicles displaying the proper disabled parking identification are authorized to use any disabled parking space on campus; or, if none is open, any regular parking space. Metered spaces occupied by vehicles displaying the proper identification do not require meter payment.

Dual Parking Permits

A permit to park in a second restricted parking lot or structure may be issued provided that parking space is available.
  • A dual parking permit may be issued to a faculty or staff member when the written request show clearly that such "dual permit" will be of direct service to the University.
  • Each request must have been approved by the applicant, department chairperson or supervisor, and Parking & Transportation Services.

Temporary Parking Permits

Temporary parking permits are available for short periods of time. Contact Parking & Transportation Services (882-4568), Turner Avenue Garage, Level 2.

Retiree Permits

Retiree permits are available to University employees who have retired from University employment. Contact Parking & Transportation Services (882-4568), Turner Avenue Garage, Level 2.

Theft of Loss of Permit

Report the theft or loss of a parking permit immediately to Parking & Transportation Services (882-4568), Turner Avenue Garage, Level 2.

Termination of Permit

All parking permits have an expiration date of August 31.
  • If you terminate your employment or take a leave of absence, it is necessary for you to return the hangtag or sticker and cancel your payroll deduction at Parking & Transportation Services, Turner Avenue Garage, Level 2.

Metered Parking Spaces

Drivers parking in a metered space are required to pay, even when parking an official car or a vehicle displaying a parking lot permit. Exception: Vehicles displaying the proper disabled identification (see above) do not require meter payment.

Official University Vehicles

Drivers of official vehicles are subject to all traffic and parking regulations. Official vehicles are not exempt from parking permit requirements.

Traffic Violations

Traffic violations may be appealed. Contact Parking & Transportation Services (882-4568), Turner Avenue Garage, Level 2.
  • If you are employed by the University and receive a traffic violation and do not pay or appeal it, the fee will be deducted from your salary.
  • After three violations, which are not paid nor are in the appeal process, the vehicle's license number is placed on a tow list.
  • Parking and Transportation Services is authorized to assess an administrative fee on any vehicle identified as one which has received an excess of five prior violations, paid or unpaid, during an academic year. Such administrative fee shall be recommended by the committee annually, subject to approval of Chancellor.

Parking Lot Repairs

Parking lots or structures in need of repair should be reported to Parking & Transportation Services (882-4568), Turner Avenue Garage, Level 2.