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Business Policy and Procedure Manual
University of Missouri-Columbia
November 2003
Chapter 1
Section: 1:170
SOS Temporary Staffing

SOS Temporary Staffing

SOS Temporary Staffing provides a temporary staffing program for University offices, faculty members, staff members, and students. As the workload permits, the service may be used by the general public. Fees are the same for all users.

Temporary Staffing Assistance

Temporary workers can be assigned to University offices during staff shortages, peak workloads, or for any temporary staffing needs.

Obtaining Temporary Help

Call SOS Temporary Staffing (882-7701) to request temporary assistance. Provide the dates for which you need assistance, the job description, qualifications or skill required, and a MoCode for billing.

  • Requests may also be placed through electronic mail by sending requests to the following address: Please allow 24 hours for SOS staff to respond.
  • When a temporary employee is assigned to you area, a SOS representative will inform you of the employee's name, skills, when to expect that employee, and a billing rate.
  • If the SOS employee's work performance in unsatisfactory, notify SOS Temporary Staffing as soon as the poor performance in noted. SOS Temporary Staffing will remove the unsatisfactory employee an assign another employee, if the user department so desires.

Verifying Hours Worked

SOS employees carry their own time sheets. The assigned department supervisor must verify the number of hours worked on a bi-weekly basis and sign the timesheet indicating approval. It is the temp's responsibility to turn the timesheet into SOS.


SOS Temporary Staffing if required to charge users for the employee's wage, plus a service charge to cover the expenses involved in providing service. Cost estimates are provided.


Bills are sent at the end of every biweekly pay period for work done during that pay period. Users will receive an electronic mail billing statement showing the employee's name, hours worked, total amount charged, and the University MoCode account number to be charged.

  • Users should review the billing statement carefully and notify SOS Temporary Staffing of any necessary modifications. The billing will appear as a charge under PeopleSoft account 708300 (unless a different account was provided).

Word Processing Service

Work brought to SOS Temporary Staffing (882-7701), 28 Heinkel Building, will be completed on a first come, first served basis. Estimates of fees and completion times are given upon request.

Word Processing and Desktop Publishing- SOS Temporary Staffing currently uses PC's with MS Word for word processing and desktop publishing.


University offices may charge fees for word processing services to a University MoCode. Individuals may pay by cash, check, or student charge.

  • University offices charging fees to a University account number must provide a MoCode before word processing work is begun.
  • Individuals may pay fees in cash or by check. Appropriate identification is required for all checks.
  • Students may charge to their student charges.

Retention of Documents

SOS Temporary Staffing will retain documents for future revision.

Transcriber Rental

Rental Machines

SOS Temporary Staffing (882-7701), 28 Heinkel Building, has tape transcribers for rent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  • A refundable deposit is required when individuals rent transcribers.
  • University offices renting transcribers can charge the fee to a University MoCode.